Why build with  Soda Can Models?

Because nobody dares to build the way we do…

But If you browse the web long enough you’re going to find that there are quite a few enthusiasts who do build from soda and beer cans. And you’ll find that there are a number of different ways to create models from cans. But here at Soda Can Models, we have developed the most unique and pure way to build scale models from cans.

First and foremost, we strive for realism. We build using templates that try to recreate the model as accurately as we can. We are not happy with just getting it close. We want the objects that we build to truly be a scale model of the intended target. That said, we use patterns that differ vastly from our competitors and we use materials that try to enhance the realism and accuracy of what we build.

In the process of building one of our models from one of our build it yourself plans, you will use a wide variety of materials and techniques that you won’t see anywhere else. But again, there is a method to our madness. We want to produce the most accurate scale models that we can from easy to obtain materials.  We don’t want to send our customers on a scavenger hunt to a Home improvement store chasing after pieces of hardware to build a model when these parts can be easily produced on the workbench.

We use easy to obtain materials such as Aluminum sheeting, craft foam sheets, paper clips, and card stock to produce our models. We roll our own aircraft nose cones, make our own wheels from a wide variety of materials and build our own propellers. We believe that purchasing pre-made wheels and plastic propellers, while perhaps much easier, somehow just takes away the beauty of the intended model. We don’t believe in assembly line production here at Soda Can Models. We believe that each model we build is truly unique from the last even if it is the same model. Taking more than just a few hours to produce one of these unique models is going to make it that much more unique.

We don’t believe in short cuts either. You won’t find staples in our wings, metal pieces on our models, or wooden pieces inside of them so that they can be produced like motor vehicles in some factory. What you will find, is that what we produce is far more realistic and diverse than our competitors. Using the techniques that we have developed and trademarked here at Soda Can Models, we are able to produce models that no one else can. We build cars, tanks, planes, helicopters, large scale models and we even built the only life-size soda can model R2D2 in existence today. We have won FIVE IPMS awards including a Best in Show award for our work competing against plastic, resin and paper modelers. None of our competitors can say that.

So, if you are looking to get started in can modeling, you truly have a choice. If you want to learn some amazing crafting skills and learn to produce some of the most realistic scale models possible from cans, then step into our PayPal shop and purchase one of over ninety plans and follow the step by step directions to help you produce a stunning work of art. Take your time and be persistent and if you get stuck, call on the help of one of our beta builders who has actually built the model recently and knows the plans implicitly. Once you have opened the door to our building style and learned our techniques, the world of can modeling is truly open to you. You will soon be able to build and produce whatever model you like without too much effort or even hoping that a plan exists for it.

But, if you are just looking to produce a replica that is much easier to build and sort of looks like the intended target and can be produced in only a few hours, then you may be best suited to purchase a plan elsewhere.  The choice is yours, but we believe that here at Soda Can Models, we have come up with plans and techniques that once mastered will produce some awe inspiring and jaw dropping results and a more pure looking model. Above all, we believe in pushing the envelope and taking can modeling to the next level and we believe that based on our 5 IPMS awards, we have begun to do just that. We invite you to take a look at what we have produced and join us in our quest to build the most realistic scale models ever built from cans. So come on in and get your plans and start your journey.

I promise you that you won’t regret it…

Soda Can Models Founder, Roy Greenwood

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