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Soda Can Magic

Are you an up and coming film maker looking for unique models or props to use in a future film or television project? We have worked on film projects in the past and has experience building models to scale and meeting deadlines. We can size our models up or down to meet the project requirement.

Our Models have been featured in the critically acclaimed short, The Seed Story, directed by award winning director, William D. Caballero and have also made a cameo in the HBO Series, Gran’Pa Knows Best. We are the only soda can artists with film and television experience.

Here are some still photos of our models from the film projects  in question:

The Seed Story

Gran’Pa Knows Best-HBO Latino

Printed Media

Our Models have also been featured in printed Media. Our Life Sized Soda Can Model R2D2 can be seen in  Fine Scale Modeler  and  Star Wars Insider  Magazines. We are the only soda can artists with film, television AND printed media appearances.

Fine Scale Modeler Magazine March 2018 issue, Scale Talk section

Star Wars Insider  Magazine, issue 180

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