IPMS Awards

Soda can planes built from award winning designs.

Four of our amazing soda can planes have won IPMS awards between 2008 and 2013 against some of the best modelers in the country. Soda Can R2D2 took the top award in 2013.

The ultimate measure of model building success is through competition. Starting in 2008, we have competed in every year minus one (2011) up to 2013.

Here is the list of our awards:

Mildred Terbush Memorial award Best of Show 2013

The life-size R2D2 project won the Mildred Terbush Memorial award for Best of Show at a 2013 IPMS competition in Yuba City California.

2008 IPMS Dragon Lady Miscellaneous other than plastic category winners:

1st Place for the Ilyushin il-86 Airliner.

2nd Place for the F-15 Eagle with detailed cockpit.

3rd Place for the 48 inch long Antonov AN-225.

2012 IPMS Dragon Lady Miscellaneous other than plastic category 3rd Place for the 44 inch long F-15 Eagle Aggressor


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