The Aluminum Air Force

Do it yourself aluminum can airplanes and Coca Cola airplanes. Squadron HQ for top notch soda can model plans. We are your online airbase for the best aluminum can airplanes on the planet! Welcome to the home of the Aluminum Air Force where our aluminum can airplanes take to the skies!

What’s so special about our Aluminum can airplanes & Coca cola airplanes?

At the ALAF, you will learn about what it takes to build the perfect aluminum can airplane. In the process, you work with some amazing aluminum can airplane patterns. While some of our competitors might brag about theirs, our Coca cola airplanes are IPMS award winners. Yup, we’ve won FIVE IPMS awards designing and building Aluminum can airplanes so we’re pretty sure we know what we’re doing. So come on to our hangar, take a load off and look around. Maybe you’ll try a plan or two. But I will say this; you will be astounded by what you can make with our aluminum can model plans!

Our Coca Cola airplanes and aluminum can airplanes have made it to HBO Latino, Award winning short films and also Bric TV. We have also been featured in Hobby and Sci-Fi magazines such Star Wars insider. We are the TOP Gun of aluminum can airplanes!

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HOLIDAY PLANS SALE! ALL plans $5 through the END OF 2022!

Order your *INSTANT DELIVERY* DIGITAL PLANS and have them in minutes!!

OVER *85* build-it-yourself plans available and more coming!
NEW RELEASE November 2022: Aluminum can F-4 Phantom plans 3D printed nose cone

aluminum can airplanes and Coca Cola airplanes. Top notch soda can model plans.

If you’re looking to get started with aluminum can airplanes, you’ll feel right at home at the ALAF. During your visit you will see some stunning aluminum can airplanes you can make with our aluminum can airplane instructions. While some might brag that their aluminum can airplane plans are pretty cool, we believe that ours are the TOP GUN! So welcome to our aluminum can airbase, we hope to see you working on a plan or two in the hangars!

**ALL plans are DIGITAL DELIVERY in PDF format  UNLESS OTHERWISE SPECIFIED. Purchases are available for IMMEDIATE download once you complete secure checkout thru PayPal. Please create an account during checkout to insure easy access to your plans files. ALL templates are in U.S. LETTER format and other printer formats may require you to edit the templates to match your printer format. **

Pop can airplane, soda can plane, and beer can plane


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