The Aluminum Air Force

What’s so special about our Aluminum can airplanes & Coca cola airplanes?

aluminum can airplane A-10 thunderbolt II
Soda Can Enthusiasts, visit us online at:

Home of the most realistic DIY soda can airplane plans available & the best tutorial videos found online!

Our DIGITAL DELIVERY PLANS are Available in MINUTES! OVER 85 build-it-yourself plans available and more coming!

aluminum can airplanes and Coca Cola airplanes

If you’re looking to get started with aluminum can planes, you’ll feel right at home at the ALAF. During your visit you will see some stunning aluminum can airplanes you can make with our aluminum can airplane instructions. While some might brag that their aluminum can airplane plans are pretty cool, we believe that ours are the TOP GUN! So welcome to our aluminum can airbase, we hope to see you working on a plan or two in the hangars!


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