How to make an airplane out of aluminum cans

Need Aluminum can airplane instructions with tutorials? Want to learn how to build top notch aluminum can airplanes? Looking for aluminum can airplane patterns? Well guess what we are the Top Gun of aluminum can airplanes. We can show you how to make the best darn airplane out of aluminum cans. We know the key is making it look like an actual airplane. If you want more than just a couple of cans with wings stuck to them, you’re not alone! We know how to make aluminum can airplanes, trust me! Realism is the key to our aluminum can airplane instructions. That is, besides designing realistic aluminum can airplane templates with actual fuselage pieces that need built along with sturdy wings. Firstly, Our soda Can model plans are designed and tested by some of the best can builders on the planet. Secondly, Our team of beta builders has built each and every one of these models so they know what they’re doing. The bottom line is we know how to make an aluminum can airplane!

aluminum can airplane patterns

Realistic aluminum can airplane instructions

Now they’ve helped us produce some great intro videos that show you how to build most of these aluminum can airplanes by cutting, folding, rolling and gluing parts together. If you can do these basic steps, then you’re guaranteed to produce a stunning Soda can airplane like we have. You can even check out our build videos on YouTube by looking for Soda Can Models or The Aluminum Air Force. The best part is you can pause the video and see how each part looks for just about every soda can plane we build. And if you still get stuck, no sweat. Just email one of the beta builders at and one of our experts will help you out! Unlike other sites on the web, here at the ALAF, we’ll have your back through the entire build! So in conclusion, head on into the old hangar and get your plans and build using our amazing aluminum can airplane instructions.

 Soda Can Aircraft 101 series

With ALAF Squadron Commander Roy Greenwood

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