The Top Gun of do it yourself aluminum can airplane patterns & Coca cola airplanes. Air base for Coca Cola airplane models. Welcome to the home of the BEST Soda can aircraft Squadron online! If you want to learn to build with the best darn aluminum can airplane patterns on the planet, you’ve found the best place to come park your plane for a while!

Firstly, Head on over to the How to page and take a gander at our videos narrated by our illustrious Squadron Commander. He’ll show you just how we do it! Secondly, browse the shop and pick out one from over 70 award winning aluminum can airplane patterns. Yes award winning! Our Coca Cola airplane models have won FIVE IPMS awards competing against some of the toughest modelers in the world! And that’s saying something! We didn’t want to beat your Grandma’s Afghan or Aunt Polly’s cross stitch so we sought out the best, competed and won! In short, we wanted to be called the Top Gun of Coke can airplanes and have it mean something! Now we’ve released the aluminum can airplane patterns for everyone to try and we hope you’ll do just that here in our shop!

aluminum can airplane patterns

Want to be an elite Coca Cola airplane modeler? Then join us here in the hangar! Got a question for the Squadron commander? Use the email info to the bottom right and send him a word or two. But don’t be too surprised when he answers you back! Want to show us your work? Send in your photos of models you’ve built from our plans and we’ll post them here on the site. Above all, make yourself at home and don’t be a stranger! In conclusion, Welcome to the ALAF Hanger! By just spending some time with us you’ve joined the ranks of the Elite soda can model enthusiasts! So in conclusion, enjoy building with our aluminum can airplane patterns!



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